A Beginner’s Guide For Buying Car Seat Covers

What is a better way to protect your car seats than applying covers on them? This extra layer of protection helps you protect your investment effectively and provides additional comfort for you at a much cheaper price than the car seat. Why don’t you save yourself the cost and trouble for repairing and replacing the car seat by getting the best car seat covers? Choosing the right covers can be overwhelming for first-time buyers due to the availability of so many materials, patterns, colors and price ranges. If you are wondering what to buy for your car seat, here is a handy guide for you:

  1. Function

All car seat covers are designed for protecting the seats in a vehicle; they can be slipped over or tied to the existing original upholstery. They often come with straps or harness so that they can be fastened tightly to the car seats. There are covers available for both front and back seats. You need to consider if the seats have armrest, airbags and built-in or adjustable headrests.


You should decide if you just look for the protection function or you also consider comfort factor and aesthetic value also. If you look for comfort and back support, the right type of material is very important. In terms of aesthetic value, factors like style, color, and patterns should also mater. For heavy duty usage, highly durable materials are preferred.

After all, your choice of seat cove should match with your life style. You may need for back support if you commute to work every day.

  1. Type

Which one do you prefer: slip-on or tie-on covers? Just from the names, you can tell one type can be slipped over the seat and one type can be wrapped over the seat. In addition, you can also find different types like buckle-seat and bench-seat types. Whatever cover you choose, make sure they can be removed and installed with ease.

  1. Fabrics

Ovion-Blue-Art-Leather-SeatThere are various choices for cover material. Among factors affecting fabric choices are cost, durability, water resistance, comfort and ease of maintenance. If you want your cover to be waterproof, vinyl is a good choice; plus this material is highly affordable. Leather covers are easy to clean but they are expensive. For moisture resistance and low maintenance, you may want to consider neoprene.

When it comes to warmth, fur and sheepskin are your best bets but fur material can accumulate dirt quickly and require regular maintenance. The best seat cover material is probably sheepskin: this top-notch material offers everything you look for. It is highly durable and smooth; it also maintains constant temperature that is comfortable for the body.

Here is a list of popular seat cover materials: canvas (versatile and washable), leather (durable, comfortable and UV resistant), fur (soft and luxurious), sheepskin (premium choice), vinyl (waterproof and low-maintenance).

  1. Style

Buyers will surely be overwhelmed by the number p of styles available for seat covers. A unique and eye-catching design can change the overlook of the vehicle. The choice of cover style is totally a matter of personal preference: vintage or modern, it is up to you. When considering the cover style, color and pattern play important roles.

You can easily turn your seat into the centerpiece of your vehicle just buy using nice sear covers. Leather is among the best choice for luxurious looks.

Are you into monochrome? Or do you love vibrant colors?  You can easily find car seat covers in various colors. For more vibrant color choices, you should consider patterns.

  1. Patterns

If you do not want to settle with a ordinary cover choice, you can showcase your personal style by choosing the suitable cover patterns. Do you happen to love animal print or camouflages cover? What about stripes?

  1. Customization


With endless combinations of fabric, color, and pattern, your choice is only limited by your imagination (and your budget). If the available models are not enough for you, you can have your own custom seat covers. While they can cost more than mass-produced items, they are unique. Semi-custom seat covers are also great choices at more affordable prices. Custom-made covers often fit the interior like gloves so they are worth the investment: you do not have to adjust them frequently like with universal covers.

  1. Cost

Budget is surely a top concern that can limit your choice of seat covers. These days, you can easily find covers that are stylish and functional at affordable price. The type of fabric cover you choose will account the biggest part in the overall cost. But there is no need to buy premium covers just for old, damaged seat, right? It’s better to protect your investment right in the beginning.

As you can see, there are quite many factors affecting your choice for car seat covers. To protect your car interior, increase the cars value, and ensure your comfort, do not settle with cheap covers that trap your body heat or provide no back support when you need it. Why not choose boring covers when you can easily make your personal mark with unique patterns and colors? Let the seat cover become functional and decorative at the same time: you do not even have to break the bank to make your car interior stand out and ensure everyone has a comfortable riding experience in your car. Investing in good seat covers is a wise decision to make: it will effortlessly do up the interior.

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