Features, Thermoelectric Technology & Twofold Temperature Controls of the NewAir AW-210ED Beer or Wine Chiller

It is a well-known fact that wine conjures up frequently images of the elegance, class and sophistication & the top ways of enjoying & cherishing the wine or beer to its completest is correct wine etiquette. People can do a lot in this regard with the help of best wine coolers 2016. Moreover, whether it is a temperature of wine, food items it is served with & age of wine, people should know that every minor details means a lot & play an important role when it comes to wine etiquette.

Storage of wine

NewAir AW-211ED 21 Bottle Dual Zone

  • The most vital step, which people might take to really enjoy the bottle of the wine’s accurate aroma, is appropriate storage temperature.
  • Furthermore, as the leading principles of the wine good manners, storage of wine is vital because of the multifaceted chemistry, which is changed with temperature or environmental changes.
  • Besides, storing the wine at the temperature, which is very cold, would cause the wine & beer to just lose its taste notes whereas very warm temperature can speed up the aging process of the wine.
  • Additionally, temperature fluctuations might either improve the spray of particular kinds of the wine & even disguise its imperfections.
  • As the common tenet, red wine or beer is better served between 63-53 F whereas the quality white beer or wine must be cherished when it is somewhat 58-62 F. Moreover, sparkling wine and champagne must better be offered at 46 F.
  • Thus, with this statement, the perfect ways of confirming correct storage temperature of wine is through the home cellar however, this might be unmanageable for even a highly thoughtful oenophile because of the cost and space constraints. Therefore, wine chillers & refrigerators are considered as the cost effective manners of serving the finest vintages.

It is vital to mention that there are various kinds & modes of the wine chillers which are now available in the marketplace resting upon the desires, needs and budget range of the people however, while selecting the wine chiller, first decide that how many wine bottles people are going to chill. Afterwards add on much capacity to permit for the growing collection.

Now, find out that what kind of wine people would be storing

Thermoelectric Wine Coolers vs. Compressor Wine Coolers


  • In case they have just whites or reds, the wine or beer refrigerator with just one chamber can be adequate however, if they have to keep both kinds, the 2-temperature region wine refrigerator will serve the best purpose.
  • In order to take a presumption out of selecting the wine chillers, I have reviewed the various famous models and brands of wine chillers and found Franklin Chef, Amcor and Avanti as the top wine chiller manufactures.
  • However, NewAir the firm commonly famous for its moveable air conditioners & swamp chillers has also introduced their private line of the inexpensive and feature rich beer or wine chillers. Here I am going to share the useful information about the NewAir AW-210ED beer or wine chiller.

Design and Style

Buying A Wine Cooler and Fridge


  • When wine lovers first received this wine chiller, they were certainly overwhelmed with its hi-tech and sleek styling. Glass door of this wine chiller was durable and large, whereas the seven slide out racks and shelves within the chiller were chrome coated.
  • Moreover, digital control section was very user friendly & interior of wine chiller even came fortified with the easy-going blue LED display which upsurge visibility & provided the perfect glow. Beside, this wine chiller’s erect tower design assisted in saving space. In short, this remarkable fine chiller fit perfectly into corner of any office & was non-obvious.

Cooling Technology

Usually, there are two kinds of the wine chilling technologies namely thermoelectric and compressor. Majority of the wine lovers like thermoelectric units as these units do not have several moving parts & are noiseless.

Bottle Capacity

It is important to note that as stated above, the first and most important thing, which people should consider while selecting the wine chiller is its bottle capacity. The wine chiller should be able to hold minimum six wine bottles. However, NewAir wine chiller can hold twenty-one wine bottles in a given amount of time.

Twofold Zone Chambers

Lastly, the most vital thing to mention is that NewAir wine chiller has two zones that permit people to chill their preferred bottles of the chardonnay and merlot at once.

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