Flying Star Chart and Basic Knowledge about the Feng Shui

Identify Areas for the Gas Field

   feng shui flying stars 2016According to feng shui principles, the gas field area of a hollow object of any shape according to what has always been divided into nine regions (rectangular box divided into nine equal), which has good gas sector and region bad air.

   Why must define the area of gas? Since the gas field is the basis for the division of supply, in which good and evil are defined by nine above areas in which we arrange measures to neutralize the house.

   Area of the ground gas field due to physical architecture of the buildings ground to make up, but it is not the form of architectural space. It is not entirely within the perimeter of the gas structure which is a basic gas zone covers an area similar to the area of ground structures (similar means may be made, can a little larger or smaller).

   How to identify a region of the gas field is divided into three similar cases defining the center as follows:

  • For the ground can shape the basic architecture as rectangular, parallelogram, polygon, circle the area of the gas field is a rectangle coincides with the boundaries of the home or outreach boundary geometry with the boundaries of the form of circles, polygons.
  • For the ground can shape the basic architecture, Shaanxi somewhat less than 30% surplus compared to the rest.

The Box Mystic Correspondence

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  • Hong Kong Book ancient history wrote that, in about 2005 BC (i.e., at about 4,000 years ago), a turtle on a river and its back nine numbers arranged in a square. The box corresponds to eight Bat monster arranged around the center of the ninth.
  • These figures are arranged in the matrix form when you add the three numbers in any way the result always is 15, is the only moon figures.
  • The arrangement of figures in nine squares, a Flying Star Chart and influential mystical for cultural icons in Hong Kong. The figure was soon attached to the hexagram in Bagua. The symbol of the square is also extended to the relationship with the sacred animals (noble) – dragon, tiger, turtle, and Phoenix.

Selected Placement for the Family Shoe Cabinet According To Geomancy

  • Many people have the habit to shoes under the bed, in the bedroom for ease of selection and shoe every time out. However, according to feng shui, for daily use, shoes inevitably air contamination.
  • Therefore only for shoes near the door, avoid arbitrarily put shoe amenities such as impure gasses outside will follow shoes into the house and direct impact of air transport member of the family.
  • There shoe cabinets worth using, but could not put it in the middle of an important position, which is only suitable place translated into two sides, a central point for a while.
  • Typically, higher shoe closet is not the height of the home, if higher are considered unfavorable. Shoe closet area should be small and low, wide and not too high.
  • The width of the shoe cabinet (including the opening of the cabinet) should not exceed 1/3 of the width of the wall. In case the door of the house through college with the shoe closet corridor also works to prevent leaf pulses indoor air flow.

Shoe Organizer Entryway


Feng Shui very seriously housing air circulation, hence the shoe box to try not to cause the strange smell, as if a strange smell spread in space, will be difficult to get one space harmonious feng shui. So should limit not choose the cabinet doors, as this magazine will air from the shoes easy to spread out, causing contamination of the power source? The best way is to use the whole shoe closet and put shoes in it. It is the type of shoe cabinet door, as this can be avoided gas complex.

Notes on arranging computers work according to feng shui theory

Avoid Computer Screen opposite Bed

Similarly mirrors or television screen, a computer monitor to avoid facing the bed as this will affect the human spirit and the quality of sleep.

Avoid Direct Sunlight Computer Screen

When the computer screen direct sunlight is detrimental to the host, causing many non-market, controversial. However, avoid placing the computer in the dark places, easy to make owners fall prey to psychological insecurity, depression, adversely affect the work.

Avoid Placing Where Air Circulation

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Put the computer in the fresh air will reduce the harmful effects of radiation computer. Conversely, if placed where stagnant air will make employers less clear and less sensitive at work.

Stay Away From Water Position

Computers are considered part of Mars, when placed near water, such as an aquarium, wet landscape … will cause status Cards – Fire restraint, disadvantages for the employer.

Avoid Things around Computer Magazine

Locations around the computer as well as need to keep desks tidy. If clutter happens will affect the ability to concentrate on your work.

Trees, water, and garden in Feng Shui

South West feng shui garden

The current trend everyone wants to be close to nature. Everyone wants to find you relief, serene after the pressures of everyday life. This has made the movement to create gardens in their premises. Water gardens are increasingly popular in modern homes. A corner of the garden, stairs or corner … can bring the green, creating exquisite relaxing space. This is not bound even if the employer has a large house for a hydraulic lifting area, or has only a corner of the yard.

Pond or fish tank, rockery before the fishery and also the convergence point is the preferred landscape garden indoors. When sorted rockery bonsai trees usually adhere to the tradition that symbolizes since this miniature universe of oriental philosophy, not merely decorative. Rockery water in the country should be active to enable gas resources, could gurgling, or an overflow waterfall feature depending on, theme or character rockery of the owner.

For townhouses or condominiums, area and space are often not enough to make the water and planting are that booking large indoor rockery also cause low humidity. So there should only aquarium landscape of small trees.