A Full Guideline On How To Buy A Multimeter (Used) From eBay

Are you an electrician or a student who has to do a lot of electrical experiments? If so, a multimeter should be an inseparable part of your day to day life. With the help of this device, you can perform any test in the home or lab accurately. The best multimeter does not necessarily need to be a new one. From eBay, you have the chance to get a multi-functional multimeter. The variation in price range may confuse you of the measurement. But the reason behind this difference is its features and other required options, not the accuracy in measurement.

When you are going to purchase a multimeter from eBay, you may have to face several difficulties. Though eBay has gathered all the used devices together in a source, the features are still different from each other. The price has also been kept low for making it available for electrician as well as students. They are also becoming attracted to this site to get the best one at the least price.

In case of buying a multimeter from eBay, you must know the types and features. Then, you need to specify your requirements. There are thousands of multimeter and eBay gives you the options to take any one of them.

What are the Categories of Multimeter?

Craftsman Mini Pocket MultimeterBasically, a multimeter can be either analogue or digital. The upcoming generation likes to have a digitalized version which has reduced the demand of analogue meters. But an analogue type multimeter has still kept the search box busy because of the accuracy in measurement and habit of the old electricians.

  1. Analogue: It is also called AMM or VOM. The second name, VOM stands for the measurement capability of Voltage, Ohm and Milliam. Analogue multimeter is a combination of ohmmeter, milliammeter and voltmeter.
  • The merits of using an AMM: You can notice any slight change of the parameter by observing the needle. The analogue multimeter allows the user to get the approximate change in values. The calculation becomes easier as the change can be seen easily. People like it because of its classy and old look.
  • Demerits of using an AMM: The demerits are really simple! You do not want to get an approximate calculation in the experiment. The price is also higher than its ability in measurement. The battery does not serve for long which manipulates the experiments and calculations. The production cost is also very high that is why, it becomes a rare day by day.

Its limitation is another important demerit or disadvantage. If we compare it with a digitalized multimeter, this one is less effective than a digital product. Sometimes, it cannot verify the proper vibration or frequency for measuring. The features are too much congested and the user may get irritated with the movement of the needle. The performance also diminishes if the battery is low.

       2. Digital: Electricians call it DVOM. The advantageous sides of this device have replaced the domination of AVOM. Let’s see some of the merits and demerits of using this digitalized multimeter.

  • The merits of using a DVOM: The digital multimeter does not interrupt the flow of electricity. If you want to get the correct values from it, just put it in the circuit. This advantage is available in every model, including the low price models. A digital multimeter is capable of providing various types of information, unlike the analogue ones. On eBay, there are some multimeters which can also detect the diodes, measure the temperature and provide the value of frequency.

The exterior of a good quality multimeter is made of silicon which has increased the durability of dials and other important parts. The longevity will matter a lot to the electricians who have to use it on a daily basis. The values are as precise as you can get the detailed calculation and measurement from the readings.

  • Demerits of using a DVOM: Some electricians want to get stuck with the analogue multimeters. This is why, it may not be a satisfactory selection.


Multimeter PCE-PCM

If you are a professional technician or electrician, you need to rely on this particular device a lot. It is like the stethoscope of a doctor. The readings and values must be counted accurately. You will have to carry two multimeters for having exact calculation. In case the first multimeter misbehaves or starts to malfunction, the backup will come handy. Also, the second one will assure you more of the reading. The eBay is the best play to buy them both at a time.

Which multimeter is the best? Handheld or Bench?

The demand of the handheld multimeter and the bench multimeter has increased amazingly. But you cannot find enough changes in the measuring functions. For the better portability, handheld multimeter is preferred more to the technicians. On the other hand, a bench multimeter will provide you the most satisfactory values. You can find both of them in digital and analogue versions.

Do you need a calibratable device?

Sometimes, radio frequency or other electricity interruption hampers the measurement. Then, the device is needed to be calibrated. If your budget is enough, try to get a calibratable multimeter. The low price devices, which are incapable of calibration can also be effective for a certain time. Consider the policy of return and the guarantee and buy the expensive multimeter after that assurance.

Lastly, we recommend you to test the used multimeter before buying it from eBay. Use it as much as you can. Good Day!

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