The Most Important Decisional Factors When Buying a Mattress

buying a mattressNowadays it seems like everyone used mattresses to sleep on whatever space is or in any living circumstances!  People cared more about their sleeping comfort to reclaim, reinvent, and more energy. More on it, the mattress is about to create a luxurious living space in line with the development of housing and modern amenities.

However, people who buy and use the mattress does not seem to understand some basic problems sleeping mattresses, these categories and trends and improvements, if any occur on each line of mattresses, we seem to get lost in the world of consumer goods through: brand, type of mattress, materials, textures, styles and patterns, along with all the yellow color advertisement that do not understand the basis for a position, consider when buying. By making easier for selecting the best mattress, here will be few points to consider:

1. Measure the size of your bed

Measure the size of your bed

Measure the size of your bed is a must, in order to optimal the best service of the mattress, it should be exactly known the wanted size. The meaning of your bed size is formed by the width and the length of people bed.  Information of common size by today is:

  • Single mattress: 38 x 75 inches (equal to 95 x 190 cm).
  • Extra long single mattress: 38 x 80 (190 x 200 cm)
  • Double mattress: 54 x 75 inches (equal to 135 x 190 cm).
  • Queen size: 60 x 80 inches (150 x 200 cm).
  • King size: 76 x 80 inches (190 x 200 cm).
  • California King: 72 x 84 inches (180 x 210 cm).

However, it also depends on the usage of the particular size for each person which might be longer or shorter, you need to check out to choose and meet the right size of mattress, other than the comfort level meet, it also for beautiful looking for your room.

2. A perfect mattress need to be acceptable and pleasing hardness to support the customers’ back when sleeping.

Ergonomics expert explains how to buy a good mattress

  • However, lying on a hard texture which can compare with or equally to the floor is definitely a bad decision, especially when they lie on one side.
  • The buffers should be soft enough from not causing any problems to your spine or does not reach the standard comfort zone for the user.
  • Meanwhile, the perfect mattresses should consist the minimum of elasticity to keep your backbone in its natural shape. The mattress either too hard or too soft will both cause an impact to your spine, backbone or shoulder.

3. Never buying a product without testing the product out.

Naturepedic Deluxe Organic Cotton Twin Mattress Set

  • Wear your comfortable outfit to try the mattress right in the store. If you are sharing the bed with other people, you should bring your partner along and test the product with you.
  • Your first reaction is important, 10 to 15 minutes can not make out the right decision, try to spend more time and positions, focus on the perceived softness and smoothness of the mattress.
  • According to the experts “do not let other people induce your purchase decision. Listen to your body’s attention to the softness of the mattress

4. Make a research on mattress information available in the market

What to Know When Buying a New Mattress Confession of a Sleep Consultant

  • Make a research on mattress information available in the market, check the brands’ ranking either in local stores or online source, lightweight step as nothing but play a necessary role.
  • Keep in mind that the references and information all of the mattress available in the catalogs might have slightly different. In most of the case, when we look at the photo and the reality object, it would be different, depends on the brands or real products, doesn’t reply on the information you see, checks it by your own.
  • This is fairly a common problem in the manufacturing sector and makes the comparison of the products and prices become more difficult to the consumers. The solution is that choosing out your trusted and reliable brand as the main standard to narrow down the rest of mattress.

5. Warranty issue

Any purchase products do have a warranty issue, a fine and original material will make up a high-quality mattress. As mentioned, the quality mattress would have its lifespan about 25 years and the common warranty comes around 10 years. On the other word, it means you have about 10 years to try your products, any problems of collapse, melted, and rotten, you may return and exchange your product.

6. Spring mattresses comparing over other types

Tips for Buying a Good Mattress

Spring mattresses which are a good elasticity compare over other types. There are innerspring (springs arrange parallel to each other) and box spring mattresses (springs put separately in different bags).

Regards to the quality, spring mattresses with high durability, low vibration, and quieter. From those factors, it makes out the perfect high-quality product.

7. Other types of mattress:

Accords to the extremely comparison in the market nowadays, other than normal spring mattress, there is also other types of mattress as substitute which might influence people choices such as:

  • Foam mattress: the characteristic of this type of mattress is classified into multiple layer springs system that makes up the smooth and elasticity. Depend on each part of the human body so the spring is thickening or hardens to suit each position.
  • Futon: is usually made from cotton, foam and/or artificial fibers. Futons are designed to be easy fold up during day time, plus point for easy storage or can be used as seats. It can be spread on the floor or can be used as a topper on your bed.
  • Airbed: is designed by complete independence airbags, inside the air mattress has hundreds of independent cylindrical gas tube, when you are lying down, you will find that the airbag against your body as a system of special massage to your neck, spine, waist because of the specific designed since it is high elasticity, it would prevent backbone disease, and for better sleep.
  • Adaptable beds: or referred as an adjustable bed, it is flexibility to modify. It offers so many benefits such as you can easily correct and adapt to your current size. it would mean a lot when it perfect fit your bedding the top and bottom.
  • Waterbeds: basically, this is how the vinyl is filled with water, the water mattress is the type of hypoallergenic. The design of the mattress consists of the water is used as the main load-bearing parts and the other layers wrap also used as isolation layer and surface protection.

8. Establish a budget:

Buying A Foam Mattress For Your New Home. What To Look For?

Due to different designs and models available in the market, so that the prices also range differently. Be remember! Quality and price always a good term to bring out a finest mattress. If you would like a economized way but comfort and healthy bedding, you can use a foam mattress topper to your current bed, it works as perfect as it could.

Hi everybody, my name is Richard Meyer, I have been working in IT field for a long time, my major is an IT helpdesk and online marketer which mean I barely have enough sleep every night, combine with an unhealthy life style I am having now, I realize that I have some serious health problem so I decide to set up my blog here to share people my knowledge and experience on sleep and health care.