The Pros And Cons When Using The Shower To Health

The shower is one of the indispensable items in every bathroom, in every family, cleaning the bathroom and keep jobs is always important. If you want to know more about increase shower head water pressure, low water pressure; you can visit at the following address as well as besides, in this article I will help you understand the useful and bad problems when using shower head water.

Relaxing Massage

  • The cool water jet is capable of stimulating the acupuncture points, enhance blood circulation. This explains why we always want to keep feeling fresh and comfortable after a bath as long as possible.
  • Not only good for the skin on the body, but a shower can also use facial massage, cleanses dirt and gently massage to be help face bright and firmer. Rinse the head with a shower also created the stimulation of acupuncture points on the head, reducing the headaches caused by stress.

Reduce Sinusitis, Nasal Transient

Standing under a warm shower not only helps the body clean, but your nose can also benefit from it. Steam clears the sinuses, nasal. Especially for people with sinus disease, inhaling steam can be maintained motility for sinus mucosa villi; slime helps circulation and drainage of the sinuses.

How to Choose a Shower Head

Open Hunting Female Bust

Just to the strong jet of water gently massage your breasts and island breasts, the breast lift will be stronger, so round 1 will become firmer, leaner. However, this therapy would be counterproductive if you’re too hot bath water. Bathing water is regularly overheating causes skin maceration, loss of firmness and a natural moisturizing component of the skin. There should be alternated between warm and cool water during bathing to tighten pores and make the skin firmer. Except for the cold winter days, you should shower this way about 3-4 times / week or daily if you feel comfortable.

Support Blood Circulation

  • Message flow gently under cold water from the shower will assist in the process of increasing the ability of the body metabolism. At the same time, the pressure of tiny water from the shower to help enhance blood circulation to help accelerate the process of burning fat, effectively preventing the diseases caused harm to affect health strong.
  • Additional energy and immune booster gently massage combined with the adjustment of suitable water temperature in the shower when the shower will activate the immune system and release of white blood cells in the body more. Accordingly, bathing in the shower will help and bring the spirit of energetic euphoria.
  • Start a new day filled with alertness and energy by taking care of your body by tiny jets of water from the shower cool.

Brain Damage Due To Manganese from Water

TS. John Spangler (USA) has warned us of the risk of inhaling vapor escaping from domestic manganese while taking a shower. His team has calculated the human manganese by inhalation shower bath (10 minutes / day), and concluded: After 10 years of regular “flushing” containing manganese, children at risk exposure to high amounts of this nutrient than 3 times the dose can create arrays in rat brain residue; adults (with shower time longer) can absorb up to 50% more volume than children.

Square Large Overhead Rain Shower Head

Shower: Drive Disease

  • Key multi-hole design, multiple layers to create small trickle has turned into a shower an ideal environment for bacteria to enter, reside and proliferate. Some studies show that (the head of the shower) contains many types of bacteria including Mycobacterium avium bacteria that cause lung disease, pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria (Pseudomonas) that inflame the region chest…
  • These bacteria can cause pneumonia in both healthy people and those with weakened immune systems, particularly smokers, alcohol, chronic lung disease or are struggling with infectious diseases. Patients infected will have symptoms such as fatigue, dry cough and shortness of breath. As for those suffering from diseases related to lungs. Instead of using the shower you should choose a bathtub to ensure safety.

Using the best shower

Studies have shown, the first volume of water discharged into the water at the tap will contain the most bacteria. Therefore, before the bath, open shower and flush out within 1-2 minutes before bathing. If your family uses water heater, make it heat by heat and discharge mode for a few minutes to kill off bacteria. Then it is adjusted to bathing.

Regular use of antiseptic solution taking into account specifically for cleaning showers will help reduce bacterial adhesion in the shower. Do not forget to scrub the bathroom, especially the toilet area at least one times / week to limit bacteria infiltrate showers and other items

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