Protect The Exterior Of Your Car – Washing Tips & Tricks

To preserve the overall value of your car significantly, washing it by the best car wash soap is not enough. You had better plan a frequent cleaning car routine because grit and acids of the environmental features such as bird poop, bugs, tree sap, brake dust and road grime will quickly scratch & eat away the protective top coat of your car. The weekly polishing & washing schedule within each three – six months will prevent the damaging substances’ buildup which may harm the finish of your car.

My own experience in the past is to send out one for washing the family mini-van. I armed with the bottle of Dawn, old bathroom towels and random rags. Rather than under my kitchen sink, I had to go forth & conquer the bugs’ army which had met the demise over the last week. Does it sound familiar to your case? In case you don’t cringe, perhaps you will change a few washing procedures in the end of my article. To prove the tips, tricks for preventing further damages, you had better utilize the family CR-V during your washing process. The result is your like new car.

  • Shade:

shady spot

Look for a good shady spot & wait until your car to cool. It’s more difficult to prevent water spots on your car when you wash directly it under sunlight or when the weather is still warm. In case you meet an unusually hot or you have to wash it under the sun, make sure that it is kept cool & wet by a frequent spray of water. You should work at a non-shaded driveaway and finish before 10:00 p.m, if you are forced washing under the sun and required a frequent water rinse.

  • Spray:

To rinse away the top layer of grime & dirt, you must begin with a thorough water spray. Remember to lift up the windshield wipers then spray them off & leave them up for the cleaning session’s remainder.


  • Pre-treat:

Use a spritz of detailer for pre-treating stains such as bugs, bird deposits and tree sap. Fresh out of spray detailer? It is good to use a spray bottle and an undiluted car wash soap.

  • Wheels First :

First of all, to clean the wheels, you ought to utilize a tire & wheel cleaner along with a wheel brush. This lasts risks cleaner overspray deposited on the cleaned car. Before moving the body of your car, you had better keep the wheel cleaning tools separate & rinse the wash buckets also (after cleaning the wheels, you will see how dirty the bucket is).

  • Suds :


Never wash your car with dish soap or other non-automotive soaps. Instead, use car wash soap as it is specially designed for washing cars without damaging their clear coats. The best car wash contains lubricant which helps contaminants slide off your car without having scratch.

  • Sponge:

The great wash sponge products made of gentle, soft natural fiber will not scratch the paint of your car. Moreover, that also gets compartments where debris & dirt may accumulate for a deep nap. Dense sponges & flat towels are likely to cause swirls & scratches. Meanwhile, plush wash mitts & natural sea sponges push contaminants into the recesses in place of the paint of your car.

  • Swirls :


When you use the cleaning sponge to pull excess dirt, swirl marks will be created. Utilize two buckets: one for rinsing, one for shampoo. In the rinse bucket, get rid of dirt from the sponge then dipping back into your shampoo bucket.

  • Dry:

Never allow your car to be dried by air or to leave water spots. That’s why you need microfiber drying towels instead of using the terry cloth & chamois. Chamois & terry cloth may increase the opportunity of swirls as they harden over time, whilst microfiber drying towels last longer, lint free and more absorbent. With the first pass, the big waffle weave microfiber drying towel is the best choice. To get rid of any water residue, utilize a microfiber detail towel after that open your trunk, doors and hood for wiping out the door jambs as well as any additional crannies & nooks. – a website with easy tips to help you Care Your Car. As you see, this is at simple sight: To become a reliable resource where all of you can join and learn how to care your cars; You can find here Best Products, which are needed for your cars…