San Antonio Energy Savings – Energy Efficient Ideas in San Antonio, Texas

Guess that everyone in life once has experienced about over exceed your home utility bills. During hot weather and you are really under controls your home bill, what should you do to efficient energy saving? Have you ever thought of saving energy would bring benefits to your and your family? Plus, the main problem is that saving energy will contribute to the protection of the environment.

Energy saving reminds to the system from San Antonio where the hot place is. But at first, what is the right definition of energy saving and how? It is about proper and efficiency usage of energy, by using it at the right time and right place; and turn it off if unnecessary. example: just turn the lights in the living area, need just enough lighting, then turn off right; or with air conditioner, it should be set the temperature from 24 degrees to 26 degrees when used.

Effective is to use the least amount of energy yet satisfying yourself. For example, using fluorescent lights which are the energy saving lamp, compact bulbs have low power consumption over incandescent type though for the same brightness.

San Antonio Energy Savings

The concept of renewable energy and non-renewable energy currently:

  • Renewable energy is considered inexhaustible energy sources such as the wind, solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal power and hydroelectric energy. This is a clean energy source and is very friendly to the environment.
  • Non-renewable energy is usually the fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Fossil fuels have to lose hundreds of millions of years to form and are currently depleted over time.

Information of San Antonio Energy Efficiency:

  • San Antonio is the listed as one of the hottest places when the temperature hit 100 degrees at the summer time, which is very normal temperature. The average temperature of winter time is 39 degrees.
  • San Antonio, Texas contribute a large amount of natural gas to its nation which is about 3/10. And the price of cubic gas that Texas give out is cheaper than others.
  • Regards to the electricity, local residents in San Antonio have to pay higher than the average paying from the rest of American.
  • It makes some confuses when the place provides energy but local residents have to pay a higher utility bill, or on the other words, this place is going on the project of energy efficiency usage for every home. Further, this city is ongoing and leading with another efficient plan, for example, San Antonio is the city starting from the biogas plant from wastewater system in the city. This city’s water system has reached the level of the best national level in the field of wastewater into biogas, variable by becoming the first area has the equipment, facility for biogas to the gas trading.
  • In San Antonio, the longer home living, the higher benefits of energy efficient will be, such as cooling or heating system, sun screen or solar film and so on.

Several actions of Efficient home in San Antonio

Several actions of Efficient home in San AntonioThe Radiant Barrier, also known as reflective insulation which is capable of reflecting over 90% of the radiation heat’s energy. The first objective of insulating reflex is radiation processing. The thin aluminum reflector is able to block 95% to 97% of the radiation, and it is available at a reasonable price so that this product is widely used to the process of produce reflective insulation. Most of the reflective insulations are composed at least one aluminum foil at the background material to enhance the ability of mechanics.

This product works well in harsh weather in San Antonio, both of the hot or cold weather, the radient barrier has its own way to saving your energy.

Window Solar Film, it is a composed of multilayers of polyester (plastic film), each layer will be using the technology of metal coating, sputtering and some more. It has the effect of preventing the energy absorption,  the capability of blocking UV rays from the sun passes through the glass is over 93%. Effectively blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays and reduce the harmful effects caused by the sunlight. Especially suitable for the office to reduce reflecting glare on the equipment or computer, it’s very good for your eyes.

Federal tax Credits For Energy Efficient Window Film in San Antonio

Due to The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, it allows San Antonio residents to have to lower the total of tax which must be paid in window films. Thankfully to President Obama creates an essential condition for residents the chance to take 30% of the tax credit (up to 1,500 dollars) when people purchase solar window film.

Sun Screen. It has been proof that sunscreen works as handy effect help to save 20 to 30% of the electrical energy use for air conditioning or air cooling equipment so that it is energy for saving effectively tool. Another important feature as it increases the safety for glass, by acting as a protective coating layer, avoiding the accidentally broken.

The home Energy Efficiency Audits in San Antonio 

After the long list information, you might have decided to have an energy efficiency audit for your own. Make sure you have the right person to trust and have the right guidelines to regain the beneficial such as tax credit or rebate. Go for further online information or the local one for safety as well as get the effective energy efficient audit. Based on tons of information you have, pick the one suit your requirements and your situation, too.