A Few Things To Know When Buying The Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washer (pressure sprayer) is no longer a strange toilet facility for those who already own a motorcycle, a car or even a bicycle. But to choose to buy a good electric pressure washer and fit your vehicle is running, it is not well known.

The question is: pressure spray type which suits the bike washing machine fits motorcycles and washing machines to cars? Washers should choose an electric vehicle, with diesel or motor? Select pressure spray of hot water or cold water pressure sprayer? … You can visit here to know the electric pressure washer reviews.

  1. What you should know before choosing to purchase a car wash:

1.1 washer (pressure sprayer) works like? Most types of pressure spray will work on the same principles. From pressure, spray using petrol, diesel to electric. However, there are differences in the strength and intensity of each type of engine in the machine. Accordingly, the pressure spray using electric motors will be unwell with pressure spray using Gasoline and Diesel engines. But the advantage of being convenient and can be used in all places have the power.Gasoline-Powered Pressure Washers

1.2 Differences between industrial washers and washers car family
car? Spray water flow is inversely proportional to the pressure that is the same engine capacity, large water flow if the water pressure will decrease, and because the car washing machine industrial water consumption should be far more than the family car wash line. And if too little water (synonymous with high water pressure washers family car), when many cars wash large + car (for the service) will be for a long time and not clean, because the pressure in the nozzle can be 100 => 150 bar, but until the water reached to wash materials will be reduced by the amount of water less rapidly.

With the car wash industry, water pressure is just over 60 bars. Also, electric pressure washer car washes machine family and various professionals in that: the family electric pressure washers are often composed of the rotating disc type pump head, head aluminum, 1/3 life piston pump head. Therefore, when using this machine for the purpose of service, continuous operation, often, the machines run only 1 DC in short time will be damaged. Professional electric pressure washer is formed by the first piston pump, high pressure resistant to ultra-high pressure, so can operate with a maximum frequency, to use the service purposes.

  • High-pressure washers good kind, how to choose to buy the car wash spray pumps cheap best. Family electric pressure washers, electric pressure washers, automobiles, for a car wash, industrial washing sprayers, restaurants, workshops…
  • Psychology customers always want to buy cheap quality products. But does a good buy and where to buy it cheap are always questions to be answered
  • High-pressure washers have been so popular in the professional car wash, electric pressure washers, and cars, trucks, used for cleaner industrial hygiene, plant and ship sanitation, cleaner yard restaurants, hotels, mini washing sprayers for household use… It depends on the demand for that option series with the capacity, pressure suit.
  1. Features and options


When buying a pressure spray, consider the options and features the following:

  • 1 Test the speed of the water flow. Urban water usually works well, but the water can cause problems.
  • 2 Check brushes, nozzles and refer appropriate cleaning work, surface cleaning.
  • 3 Consider the accessories accompanying the pressure spray and can purchase more if needed. There are many parts
  • Attached events are designed for specific tasks: brush rotation, fountains, patio…
  • 4 Please find the accessories accompanying fast help car wash job. This will allow you to do
  • Car cleans easily and faster.
  • 5 Consider and choose accessories comes multimodal pressure spray or a multi-function (such as
  • 3-in-1). Refer to the attachment fittings and machine features designed to handle a wide range
  • The cleaning work. Surface cleaners used for cleaning work surfaces are large
  • Perform ten times faster than a standard spray application.
  • 6 If your needs more cleaning, consider and choose to purchase a pressure spray including
  • Electronic fuel injection (EFI). This feature will make your work faster cleaning 50%
  • Conventional machines and better fuel economy.