Top 5 Best Gun Safes For Your Car

In America, people can own guns. But if you carry it along with you at any time, any place, it may cause danger to other people. Especially if you have a gun in your car. No one can imagine that you have a weapon in your vehicle. So, it is necessary to lock it in or put it in a safe place. So, they have invented a sturdy box which is called a car gun safe. However, there are thousands of car gun safes that might make you confused. Do not worry; here we will give you a list of 5 car gun safes that we consider the best choice for you.

  1. The GunBox:

car gun safesIt deserves to be our top choice because it provides many great benefits. With RFID- Biometric fingerprint scanner to open, it is totally secured, you can access very quickly. Most of handguns can fit this box. If you have young children who are usually curious with everything, this gun safe will keep a dangerous weapon away from the children. The normal gun safes use keys to open, which might be risky if the children would find the key. But with this GunBox, your finger prints are required to access so you can be relief that your children would never touch your guns.

Unlike the older version of gun safe, it is able to charge in your car so you now do not have to replace the battery. With the slim and sleek design, you can put it under your car seat. The out- standing feature of GunBox is you can access the safe not only by your finger prints but also RFID rings or bracelets which are sold separately.

In case it is tampered or moved by other people, the alert system will emit loud sound, or the flashing red light appears.

  1. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe:

This is our second choice of the best car gun safe. This is the favorite finger prints recognition system of many people. It has already gained reputation and faith from people. With the quick and quiet entry system, you can access your handgun rapidly and able to hide from threats but still can help you to protect your family. It is designed with the solid steel construction and compression gas strut, it is very sturdy and you can open the safe quickly. The biometric & electronic keypad helps you to set up the code just in a minute.

It is small and quite heavy, which is good. And it is perfect to fit a place under your car seat. We have received many positive comments about this product. And it deserve the 4,7 star rate from people.

  1. Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe:car-gun-safe

It might look small, but it works perfectly. It is designed with the “notebook style” which is very lightweight, compact but still absolutely secured. If you have a limited budget but still want to get a high quality gun safe, this Gunvault model is the buddy that you can count on. However, with the cheap price, it is not equipped with the finger print reading system. Here are the features of Gunvault MV 500:

  • Back up override keys – it has 2 back up override keys you can access to the safe in any case.
  • No – eyes keypad: it helps you to access easily even in the dark.
  • High strength lock mechanism
  • Rock – solid construction which is made of heavy gauge steel so you can have the best security.
  • Interior foam protects your valuables from damage and rattling.

In addition, it comes with the security 4’ long cable.

You can see many positive comments about it. And when you buy it, it will be beyond your expect.

  1. GunVault NV200 NanoVault 200 with Key Lock:

Here another gun safe from GunVault with cheap price. Those who prefer the basic version of a gun safe would absolutely pick it. However, you have to keep the key to open it, which might cause a disadvantage and not everyone is patient enough to find the key when you are in emergency situations.

Anyway, with that low price, it has given everything best to owners. It is designed with the rock – solid construction which is made of heavy gauge steel so you can have the best security and the interior foam protects your valuables from damage and rattling.

Gun Safety

Less is more than nothing. Many people who have the limited budget still appreciate it because it is beyond their expectation.

  1. The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box:

This is the last in our list of the best car gun safe. Like the GunVault NV 200, it has the low price and it fits most of the under seat of the vehicles. It might be cheap, but it is very sturdy and it is the ideal place to put your gun, phone or other little stuffs. It comes with 2 keys in case you lose one, you will have the second key to replace. There are many good compliments for this car gun safe on the internet. However, it might take larger area in your car than other safes. But I think it is not a big problem because you can sure that it keeps your stuffs safe.

There are our top 5 best car gun safe, and picking the most suitable one is up to you. Each product has their advantage and they are all high quality that you can count on.

Hey! My name is Chad. I have a passion for firearms and technology. With many years of experience in Owning gun, I have seen it is always important to keep it in a safe place that only you can use it in the event of danger. That’s why you will find detailed gun safe reviews at, as well as our reviews of which gun safe are the best on the market.